Startup Weekend is an opportunity. An opportunity to take that lingering idea for a business that you have, and turn it into something real. An opportunity to meet new and interesting people, all of whom have the same entrepreneurial spirit. An opportunity to test you own skills, ideas, and valour in the face of an entrepreneurial career.

The hardest part of starting up is starting out. At Startup Weekend, you’ll be immersed in the ideal environment for startup magic to happen.

This opportunity takes place over a 54-hour period, wherein business-minded individuals meet, pitch business idea, break up into teams, and develop a plan for making that business possible. The end result being the validation that your idea could work in the real world, a plan on how to make that a reality, and the confidence to do something with it.

All It Takes Is A Weekend

Startup Weekend Indore was created to bring the local entrepreneurial community together so that ideas can be sparked and magic can happen. Ideas are pitched, teams formed around those ideas, and then the weekend is spent diving into making the idea into a business with the support of great minds serving as mentors to the teams. At the end of the weekend, the teams uptpresent their businesses to a panel of judges and the winners of various categories are named. Whether you enter the weekend to start a company, develop your skillsets, or simply have fun, Techstars Startup Weekend sets the stage for great things to happen.

The Team

Rohan Sethiya

Founder & CEO, Travacanza

Bhanu Kushwah

Designer & Developer

Anmol Banka

Founder & CEO The Printing Priest

Rohan Jain

Designer & Developer

Abhinandan Parashar


Himanshu Ahuja


Adeen Shukla


Vinod Patidar

Backend Developer

Yash Agrawal


Surbhi Jain


Krati Choudhary


Harsh Jain


Saumya Meghlan


Vishwas Hablani

Digital marketing Freelancer and Consultant