September 27TH — September 29TH

Mentors to help you out!

Dr. Priyanka Mokshmar

Chairman and Managing Director, Vaayu

She is a recognised PhD guide of University and has Research Scholars working under her. She has many research papers published in various National and International Journals of repute. She started her entrepreneurial career in 2014 and since then she has been taking care of HR, Production, Logistics and Financial Aspects of the company.

Vinay Singhal

CEO, WittyFeed

Vinay Singhal being the Co-Founder and CEO of WittyFeed has contributed greatly to the success of the company. Currently, they were a team of 25 initially who worked almost 24/7 with an aim of making the website on the top position.

Shashank Vaishnav

CTO, WittyFeed

Shashank Vaishnav is the co-founder & CTO at WittyFeed. WittyFeed is an Internet media company based in Indore (India). It is an article platform dedicated to expressing and exploring beautiful stories.

Mayank Pratap

Co-Founder & CEO at

Mayank Pratap is a bad speaker but Awesome Earphone; He listens and advises startups to do regular things in innovative ways. Co-founder of EngineerBabu that helps Startups to find Perfect Tech Partner, Global Standards in Indian Style.

Aditi Chaurasia

Co-founder & CMO at Bluerang

Aditi is one of those, who embarked on the startup bandwagon to fulfill her dreams. After completing her post-graduation in Management. Her first stint at entrepreneurship came when she launched Titliyan. It was a gift item portal and became highly successful right from the launch. But this was not the end of her startup career as she went on to her second stint in EngineerBabu.

Sidhant Sidana

Founder, The Monroe

Sidhant Sidana's involvement in Entrepreneurhip has been very diverse and variant. In 2017, he also started the first American Entrepreneurhip Fraternity in India. He has also mentored over 50 startups with the help of the events he has conducted throughout Madhya Pradesh.

Athar Ali

Founder & CEO, Scool

Mr. Athar Ali started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 19; he has been the brain behind the debut of many successful startups in Central India. Holding an experience of 10 years in the niche industry, this startup wizard has successfully embarked on his journey to being a distinguished personality.

Manoj Dhanotiya

Founder, AiTrillion

Manoj heads strategy, delivery and business development . Manoj is focused & actively investing in AI based ecommerce analytics & personalization products.

Anubhav Dubey

Founder, Chai Sutta Bar

Mr.Anubhav Dubey, who was just 22 when he started this food venture- Chai sutta bar. With his amazing hardworking and entrepreneurial skills he now have 4 outlets in a year.

Vinika Chandwani

Co-founder Chai Network

She is a software developer turned Entrepreneur. In May 2018, she started a company called Chai Network - a food and beverage Start up. The ideas was to develop a chai delivery chain with the aim of organizing the otherwise unorganized chai market of India.

Deepshikha Yadav

Founder, Startup Jugalbandi

Deepshikha Yadav is a Design Thinking facilitator. Startup Jugalbandi, the community that she started 5+ months back, has been steadily growing in Indore. Startup Jugalbandi’s various offerings are designed to amp up the elements of creativity, imagination and playfulness for the participants, to help them ideate better.